I am angry and I don’t know what to do

It is not often for me to get mad at someone I kinda know. Yes I get mad at irritating people on the streets or the person who cuts me in line. But to be really infuriated with someone I used to be friends with… it doesn’t happen that often. When it does, it is usually like a burst of emotion and then I feel remorse after. Actually, I can’t think of anyone I’m super mad with right now, besides this person.

I do get mad. I get irritated by the smallest of things. But this type of hate, I do not understand. It makes me feel like I want revenge. It makes me feel like I have to do something to make things right. It feels like the universe is unfair sometimes. It feels like the universe is unfair, but for this person, I feel like she always gets away with her bad actions.

I want to expose her. I want to say bad things to her. I want her to get what she deserves. I hate that she keeps on fooling people. When I see her name, I get so infuriated. My chest hurts. It gets hard to breathe. I just hate her so much.

So… I don’t know why I’m writing about this. A part of me is hoping that I will get to understand myself better after writing this. It’s so frustrating.

I can give myself tons of advice. I can tell myself that I should just let her be. I should just ignore her. I should just block her. I should just focus on more productive things. I can also say that, maybe she’s going through something. But I just don’t want to listen to any of that right now.

I feel like I have the right to be mad. And I often feel that I don’t have that right with anyone. I know it’s wrong. But right now, I don’t want to pretend that I am okay. Maybe the best I can do is think of a way to remove this person from my life and pray hard that God remove this emotion from me.

I tried. But right now, I can’t. When I get frustrated or stressed, it’s very undeniable. My shoulders stiffen, my body aches, my breathing changes, and my body just feels weird. I don’t know. I just want out of this feeling. It’s so tiring. It’s so draining.

Removing my triggers

It is common for people with allergies to be advised to list down or observe common triggers and avoid them. People will not judge and should not judge you for avoiding nuts for it causes you to have trouble breathing. Why should it be different to how you should treat triggers to sinning? Continue reading

By His Grace, My story

I alone could never have this peace in my heart. I am constantly in pain but by God’s grace I was able to have peace in my heart. He changed me for the better. He blessed my heart. He held me close. I chose to stay with him. I chose to seek him. He was just waiting for me all this time. Continue reading

Deceitful heart

Have you ever been deceived? As I listened to my pastor last Sunday as he talked about deceit, I can’t help but relate. He talked about how deception usually happens. We are usually deceived because it appears true, is subtle, and is enticing. If it wasn’t, I think none of us would have fallen into the trap. Continue reading

My Siem Reap backpacker hostel elimination list — I have finally chosen where to stay :)

So… I will be going to Siem Reap on December 2! 😀

Actually, my whole trip will be from December 2 to December 11. My entry point will be Siem Reap, and exit point will be Bangkok. (MNL-SIEM REAP by plane, then BKK-MNL by plane).Whatever will happen in between has not been decided yet.

I have finally made my decision on which hostel to book. Here were my top choices. 🙂 I only consided those with dorm type rooms.

It’s kinda cool that most of the hostels there are socially responsible. 🙂

1)Mad Monkey Siem Reap Hostel

I considered this hostel because of it’s location and fame in trip advisor. I decided to remove it from my list because of my plans to wake up early. I am not much into partying like there’s no tomorrow. Why? Because I’m excited for that tomorrow. 😛 Nothing against those who are into those things. It’s just not my thing. 🙂

My opinion aside, according to those who are into those things, they had a really nice stay as the hostel has a pool, and the bar is open until late hours. The price of the dorms are also very affordable–at $8 / night. Not bad, really.


2)The Siem Reap Hostel

This one I wanted to book right away. Haha! I like that you can meet a lot of people but still have a good nights sleep. They also offer tours and assistance to transportation bookings to other towns. They also have dedicated tuktuk drivers (which is a good thing to avoid being cheated by tuktuk drivers) They also have a free airport pickup service! 😀

Their Basic Dorm room costs $8 / night, while their Deluxe dorm costs $10.

7 Makara Street(also know as High School Road and January 7 Rd.)
Near the corner of Wot Bo Road and High School Road in the Wat Dam Nak area.
Centre of Town, Old Market
Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
Email: info@thesiemreaphostel.com
Phone: +855 63 964 660



I have not looked into the hostel listed below that much but I was able to read the reviews and check it on the map. Both had nice reviews. The only reason why I didn’t pick them was because I was already swept off my feet by The Siem Reap Hostel (hoping that my stay there would do justice to my raving)

3)The One Stop Hostel

342 Sivatha Rd, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
[ http://p.tl/Y04k ] –google maps

Tel: (855) 97 787 3032
E-mail: siemreap@onestophostel.com

4)The Luxury Concept Hostel

This one has a dorm bed for $6! 🙂

No. 105, Steung Thmey Street, Vihear Chen Village, Svaydangkum, Siem Reap Central Area, Cambodia.
contact number: +855 63 761 234


Baguio (Jan 18-19, 2014)

Baguio! ^_^ I just love this place so much because of its temperature.

My sister and I have never gone anywhere together without our parents. So this is our first time. Our parents were actually in Baguio already for a convention. But still, we will be commuting to Baguio together and we would be paying for our own transpo and lodging.

The news said that the temperature at Baguio that time has hit a record-breaking 8°.

We were not able to buy tickets online so we ended up going to Victory Liner (Cubao) as chance passengers. When we got there, the line was already too long for my ever so energetic self. The next available ticket was for a 9am bus (We got there at around 9:30pm). Turns out there were a lot of conventions happening that weekend so there were a lot of chance passengers and reserved buses that night. I ended up walking around the area and looking for other bus operators with a Cubao to Baguio route. We were lucky to spot Dagupan bus station, 5-10mins walk from the Victory Liner Cubao terminal. Horray! No reservations needed. The bus left Cubao at around 11pm.


Just the cold temperature from the bus was too much for me. Haha! We arrived at Baguio at around 5am. It was reeeaally cold! Since almost all the establishments there was still closed, we ended up hanging out and having breakfast at McDonalds Session Road. We started looking for a place to stay at but since there were a lot of conventions in the area, a big chunk of the affordable and high end accommodations were already taken, we ended up staying in the same place where our parents were staying at. It was a big house with 2 floors going down, and 2 floors going up from the lobby. My sister and I paid 250 each for a room good for 5-6 heads. The place doesn’t have a heater for their shower!

We just left our things and headed out after freshening up a bit. We wanted to maximize our 2 day stay there.

Our first stop was Camp John Hay. We shopped for bonnets, gloves, and jackets. It was reeally cold! The usual temperature in Manila is around 26-32°, so I was really excited with that 8° promise from the news.


My sister and I spent a lot of time taking turns in having our picture taken with the big pine trees in Camp John Hay. We had fun goofing around and hugging trees 😛

We then headed to Choco-late de Batirol inside Camp John Hay near one of the gates of CJH. We had hot chocolate. A lot of people rave about this but I still prefer the food and drinks from Cafe by the Ruins.

We also went to Cafe by the ruins and ordered a little too much than what we could finish. The food was really good! My sister ordered something with shrimps and mangoes(?). We couldn’t remember the name of the dish. I ordered Lechon Kawali. We also ordered Kamote bread, hot chocolate, and suman. I just loooove dipping suman and mangga in the thick chocolate diiiiiip! @_@

It was cool to have lunch with the birds hanging out near my sister 🙂


We went to Burnham park to look for the skating park (roller skates/blades) and to their bike park. There were too many people in the bike park so we decided to give their roller skating park a try. From Burnham Park, we then headed to Mines View Park. We also stopped by The Mansion House and Wright Park but we didn’t stay there too long.

One of the things I crave so much and I think that alone will be enough reason for me to go back to Baguio is the green mangoes with their special salt with crushed sili and vinegar. I of course love the inihaw na mais, and inihaw na squid! Thats just me. Haha!


Can’t wait to go back here soon! Really enjoyed going around Baguio with my sister! I actually ended up returning to Baguio less than a month after! ^_^

Finally booked a hostel (SG)! ^_^

After checking several booking sites for reviews, I have finally decided to book FIVE STONES HOSTEL for 87 SGD (or 3,059.69 PHP) for 3 nights!

I booked it after talking to their staff via Facebook  and after asking about leaving my bags while waiting for my flight and leaving my bags before my check in time. My first option though was Hostel Lah but decided to book Five Stones Hostel because of its proximity to walking to some of the items in my itinerary. 🙂

I am now trying to fix my itinerary and fix my budget. Currently using tripomatic.com to fix my itinerary. some of the items in my itinerary are not yet listed in their travel map but I still found it super helpful in plotting it with the map and all. 🙂